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Introducing the Men's Brewed With Aloha Crew Socks, a rad collaboration between Just Fun Socks and Maui Brewing Co. This tropical beer sock collection is officially licensed and designed to rock the socks off any craft beer-lo...
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Introducing our "Pueo Pale Ale" Crew Socks, an exclusive collaboration between Just Fun Socks and Maui Brewing Co, Hawaii's largest and most innovative craft brewery. Infused with the spirit of the Aloha State, these socks are ...
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Welcome to the exceptional union of comfort and craftsmanship - the Sunshine Girl Golden Ale Crew Socks. A unique collaboration between Just Fun Socks and Maui Brewing Co, Hawaii's largest and most innovative craft brewery, th...
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Experience the feeling of a cold beer on the beach with our "Tropical Palm Tree" Crew Socks, an exciting collaboration between Just Fun Socks and Maui Brewing Co, the largest and most innovative craft brewery in Hawaii. These ...

Just Fun Socks and Maui Brewing are blending fashion with a love for craft beer in an exciting new partnership. We've designed four exclusive sock patterns that embody the refreshing and spirited ethos of Maui Brewing's unique beers and the aloha culture of Hawaii. Each pair, passionately crafted, combines comfort and style with a vibrant nod to beer enthusiasts, creating an everyday accessory that's as unique as the brews they represent.


Our first exclusive design, the Pueo Pale Ale Crew Socks, pays tribute to one of Maui Brewing's signature brews. Crafted in a rich navy blue hue, these beer socks incorporate a playful pattern that channels the invigorating spirit of the Pueo Pale Ale, allowing you to carry the joy of your favorite beer wherever you go.


The second pair, Sunshine Girl Golden Ale Crew Socks, are a toast to the tropical. With a teal backdrop that mirrors Hawaii's endless summer skies, these beer socks are as refreshing as the Golden Ale they represent. They add a bright, lively touch to any outfit, evoking memories of golden sunsets and joyful island moments.


Third in this collection is our Tropical Palm Tree Crew Socks. This design, presented in a soothing blue, merges the island's iconic palm tree silhouette with the comfortable style synonymous with Just Fun Socks. A testament to the love for the tropical paradise we call home and the beers that celebrate it, these tropical socks are the embodiment of island living.


Last, but certainly not least, we present our fourth design, the Brewed Aloha Floral Crew Socks. Radiating with aloha spirit, these officially licensed socks feature a lively floral pattern on a soothing cream background, a design inspired by the tropical flora of Hawaii and the refreshing brews of Maui Brewing Co. They encapsulate the inviting and vibrant spirit of the islands, a perfect addition for anyone looking to inject a touch of Hawaii's warmth into their wardrobe.


Each design in this unique collection embodies a different aspect of our shared love for Hawaii and its celebrated craft beer culture. The high-quality materials and craftsmanship of Just Fun Socks ensure a comfortable fit, while the vibrant patterns inspired by Maui Brewing's beers add a playful touch to any outfit. This collaboration truly blends the pleasure of sipping your favorite beer with the joy of stepping into a pair of Just Fun Socks.


Immerse yourself in the charm of island life, one pair at a time, with our Maui Brewing sock collection. Add a taste of tropical paradise to your everyday life, and celebrate Hawaii's aloha spirit with each step you take.


Maui Brewing Co Crew Sock Features:

  • Ultra-comfortable & breathable material blend
  • 200-needle stitching for advanced detail & design
  • Reinforced heel & toe for additional wear-resistance
  • Non-slip, 'stay-up' cuff
  • Seamless toe to prevent rubbing and blistering
  • Comfortable thickness, suitable for every season
  • Officially licensed, exclusive and unique patterns
  • Machine washable
  • Fits men's US shoe size 9, 10, 11, 12 & 13
  • Variety of colors and stitching

Have a question about our Maui Brewing Crew Socks? Here are some common questions with answers:

Are these socks officially licensed in partnership with Maui Brewing Co?

Yes, indeed! The Just Fun Socks x Maui Brewing sock collection is officially licensed. This collaboration was created in direct partnership with Maui Brewing Co., ensuring that each design authentically represents the brand and its unique brews. So, when you purchase a pair from this collection, you're getting an official piece of Maui Brewing memorabilia. Enjoy the unique blend of comfort, style, and craft beer culture in these authentic, licensed socks.


Can I buy the Maui Brewing socks individually or only as a set?

Yes, you can absolutely purchase the Maui Brewing socks individually! Each unique design is sold separately, allowing you to choose your favorite or mix and match as you like. Of course, if you love all the designs, you can certainly opt to buy all four to complete your collection!


Where else can I buy these socks apart from the Just Fun Socks website?

The exclusive Just Fun Socks x Maui Brewing sock collection can only be purchased directly from Just Fun Socks stores or Just Fun Socks approved retail locations. These unique designs, born from our special partnership, are not available through any other online platforms or retailers. By choosing to buy directly from our stores, you ensure that you're getting an authentic, licensed product from this exclusive collection. Enjoy this exclusive taste of Hawaii and its celebrated craft beer culture!

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